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ACC Grants awarded in 2017 T he Alpine Club of Canada is pleased to award nearly $18,000 in grants this year to a number of worthy mountain‑related projects. The Jen Higgins Grant assists young women pursue their adventure dreams. is year a combined $8500 will assist: ● Sam French, Melissa Makepeace, Sarah Sasges and Lara Shea on an eight‑day ski traverse in little‑trav‑ elled Mount Edziza Provincial Park ● Isobel Glover who will hike the entire Vancouver Island Spine Trail (700 kilometres) by walking out her front door ● Gemma Wilson and Rose Pearson who will attempt to make the first female ascent of Moonflower Buttress on Mount Hunter, Alaska. The Environment Grant awarded $2990 each to: ● e ACC Vancouver Section to assist in building a composting toilet at the Jim Haberl Hut ● Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative to assist them in collecting research and field samples from alpine habitat in BC's wild Hart Ranges. Also offering in‑kind support through exposure and administration where available. The Jim Colpitts Memorial Scholarship assists young people in pursuit of mountain‑related training courses such as avalanche training, first aid, crevasse rescue, mountain leadership and ACMG training. is year's fund will support: ● Logan Grasby ‑ $500 toward taking his TRCI through the ACMG ● Shelby Montgomery ‑ $200 towards taking navigation courses ● Jill Weenink ‑ $500 towards her tuition in the TRU Adventure Guide Diploma The Karl Nagy Memorial Scholarship is awarded to aspiring guides and ama‑ teur leaders in alternating years. e award consists of a trip to the Club's General Mountaineering Camp where the recipient is able to shadow and learn from full mountain guides. ● is year's award is presented to Bree Kullman. To learn more about ACC grants, visit 30 The Alpine Club of Canada Gazette Summer 2018 Open Air by lawrence white I 'm a terrible writer. Which is kind of amazing given that in person I am more verbose than most people I know. Maybe it's because I have the attention span of a six‑year‑old hopped up on gummy worms and sour patch kids. Or maybe it's because good writing is hard: it takes real time and real prac‑ tice. e 10,000‑hour rule? ink about that for a minute: your average 40‑hour workweek equates to about 2000 hours per year. So I would need to be writing on average eight hours a day for the next five years to be a pro. Well guess what? Lynn Martel, your Gazette Editor since 2005 is just that, a total pro. In fact, Lynn has been working with the Gazette since 2002, initially as copy editor, so by now she knows a little something about the Club and its member newsletter. And it's not just the Gazette that Lynn has been lending her talents to on behalf of the ACC. She has written countless articles and published numerous pieces for or on behalf of the Club for over 20 years. at's a lot of writing. And what impresses me most is that it's interesting writing. at is the 10,000‑hour rule applied to this craft. So, it's with some trepidation but ultimately optimism that we say thanks and farewell (at least in this role) to Lynn as this is her final issue editing the Gazette. I reflect on our work together and friendship over the past two decades with fondness and genuine gratitude that Lynn's competency with the Gazette was never a concern for me. I have been able to simply let Lynn work to bring you our story. You may have seen recently, however, that that story is evolving in different ways and in different directions. e ACC has grown, almost exponentially, since 2002 and where we once relied on volunteers wholly, we now have a solidly competent core of staff in our market‑ ing department. So, going forward the Gazette, your national ACC newsletter, will move forward and morph, yet again, in terms of content and design while con‑ tinuing to showcase the best of the ACC. I can assure you that we will continue to bring you the stories you want along with the most relevant mountain inspiration you need. Lynn has set the bar high by building on the work of those before her; we owe them all 10,000 thanks! Gazette Winter 2005 – Lynn Martel's first issue as editor. photo: peter hoang Vol. 20, No. 1 ● Winter 2005 Too cold for comfort page 6 Grant winner off ers recommendations for Niagara Escarpment Page 8

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