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Caption Lynn leads up her favourite pitch on Aftonroe (pitch 8) in the Canadian Rockies. photo: John mcisaac 4 The Alpine Club of Canada Gazette Summer 2018 nurturing my career as a mountain writer, the Gazette was a perfect fit. at's never changed. My first issue as editor was Winter, 2005. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the ACC Blog were not yet ways to share the ACC story. at's changed. For me it's been a paid contract position, 10‑ish days each issue. But really, it's been a year‑round commitment. And more than once in those 13 years I've worked on the Gazette in a coffee shop somewhere, trying to squeeze a road trip between the upcoming issue, other assignments, the Mountain Guides Ball and the Banff Book and Mountain Film Festival. It's been a labour of love the entire time. But I've never done it alone. Most of the stories in each issue were written by ACC members who volunteered to sit long enough – and take precious time away from being outside – to write about their experiences. I looked forward to reading every word, polishing the spelling and grammar, asking a few questions to fill any gaps and writing photo captions. On some occasions, I assigned stories to willing writers and asked athletes to answer my questions to create a profile. Sometimes I included ACC‑related articles I wrote for other publications. en, every May, September and January Short Rope by lynn martel Change. It's one thing we can all count on. A s climbers, we learn quickly to prepare for the weather, the ice or the snow conditions to change. ose lessons equip us well for the chan‑ ges we experience in our daily lives. With that, I'm writing this, my last Short Rope column as Alpine Club of Canada Gazette editor. e Gazette, and my life with it, is changing. e Club has decided to move the Gazette in house – into capable hands. I will continue in my career as a writer of newspaper and magazine articles that capture and share stories of Canada's mountain landscape and community. I'll continue working on my third book. I still remember when Bob Sandford, then Vice President of Mountain Culture suggested I write for the Gazette. I visited many huts, joined work parties and the Fay Hut construction crew and wrote about those adventures. In 2002 I was invited to work as copy editor with then Gazette editor Bonnie Hamilton. Like the writing, it was volunteer work, but as I was investing a lot of my energy into I compiled the submissions and planned the issue. I've never stopped being sur‑ prised and delighted with the variety, quality and enthusiasm behind every story. anks to all of you! For all but the last three issues, when Zac Bolan came on board – and he's been wonderful to work with – designer Suzan Chamney and I worked together, mak‑ ing sure every headline, photo caption, paragraph indentation and semicolon was perfect – the perfect job for a pair of per‑ fectionists. We grew the Gazette from 24 pages to 32, chose articles to be translated into French and changed the cover image from vertical to horizontal – providing us more selection from which to portray the essence of our Club in a single image. During those years we also worked together, with her designing eight of the nine Summit Series booklets I wrote, and which, like the Gazette, she made look gorgeous, and perfectly professional. I'm so proud of every single page. Saying goodbye is never easy. But, moving forward is always good. I'll miss the rhythm of the work three times a year. I'll miss the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from creating something from nothing, and knowing every issue helped capture the story of the ACC in this time, for all time. It's always a thrill to receive my copy in my mailbox, even though I knew what it would look like, it never feels real until it's in my hands. Every one of those issues will outlive us, and the members who shared their stories. But what I'll miss most is the emails landing in my Inbox from ACC members from across the country, all year round. Being Gazette editor has connected me to so many wonderful people. But while I will miss creating the Gazette, I'll remain an active ACC mem‑ ber, participating in Rocky Mountain Section trips, leading a few, contributing to the Mountain Culture Committee, copy editing the Canadian Alpine Journal, writing my tenth Summit Series book‑ let this summer on Mountain Guides Ball Patron Bernadette McDonald, and forever encouraging people to join the fine group of people who comprise e Alpine Club of Canada. I'm also looking forward to my first General Mountaineering Camp this summer. And I'm excited for whatever adven‑ tures come next.

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