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State of the Mountains Report 2018 A State of the Mountains Report Changing Glaciers, Changing Rivers Page 4 Volume 1, May 2018 The Alpine Club of Canada's 4 The Alpine Club of Canada | Gazette | Spring 2019 Short Rope by Zac Bolan It's hard not to have a passion for the environment when you spend time in the mountains. In traversing glaciated terrain for example, you can witness first‑hand how radically the flow of a stream fed by glacial run‑off can increase as the after‑ noon sun warms a few degrees. And upon returning to familiar alpine environs season after season, we all notice tangible changes over the course of relatively few years. Last year Lael Parrott (ACC VP Access/Environment), Zac Robinson (VP Mountain Culture) and editor David Hik (Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Professor of Terrestrial Ecology in the Department of Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University) compiled and produced Volume 1 of The State of the Mountains Report for the ACC which was met with international acclaim. Volume 2 is currently in production and promises to be a strong sophomore publication. In June 2017, the ACC signed a memo‑ randum of understanding with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, establishing a framework for cooperation between the two organizations. Goals of the partnership include strengthening young Canadians' knowledge and understanding of Canada's diverse mountain environments and culture. The club also speaks up on specific issues of interest or concern to their mem‑ bership, such as the development of an all‑season ski resort in the Jumbo Valley of the Purcell Range in British Columbia. The ACC has been actively opposing this development since 2004 and continues to take a hard line through directly addressing the BC Premier and relevant ministers. More recently in the news, the ACC weighed in on the Province of Alberta's creation of a land management plan for the North Saskatchewan River watershed. The club asked members to participate in a survey about how they recreate in the region known as Bighorn Backcountry. In November 2018, the provincial government announced a plan to create eight new parks and protected areas in this region. The new Summit Bid Auction at last year's Mountain Guides Ball raised more than $60,000 for the ACC Environment Fund. The annual event will become an ongoing source of funding for these important projects. If you want to learn more about our club and the environment, check out Aspects ( and think about attending our Environmental Sustainability Open House on June 2nd at the Canmore Clubhouse. Also consider donating or making an estate gift to the Environment Fund. On another note, I want to welcome renowned mountain culture humourist and artist Tami Knight back to the pages of the Gazette—she provided the comic relief for the Hut Etiquette article on page 30. Svalbard Ski & Sail May 15-22, 2019 May 2-9, 2020 m May 9-16, 2020 Join us as we tour the majestic and wild Arctic Coast of Spitsbergen. This is a trip of a lifetime with world class skiing, scenery and wildlife on glaciated peaks that rise out of the sea 1000 km north of Norway. Book now – limited spots available. m m +1 403-707-9996 m m heli-accessed lodge trips m wilderness ski traverses m exotic international ski trips

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