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Le club alpin du Canada | Gazette | hiver 2020 25 use. is will reduce the a mount of wood needed for fuel a nd mitiga te the severe health ha za rds associa ted with prolonged exposure to smoke inhala tion. MoR is presently working with several communities in Nepal to develop solutions for impoverished fa milies who ca nnot a fford clea ner fuels such as liquid petroleum gas. e best solution tha t's been identified so fa r to provide long-term benefits may be to reduce exposure to smoke by improving the efficiency a nd design of existing stoves tha t continue to meet the cultural a nd basic needs of the people using them. For exa mple, well designed chimneys a nd smoke hoods to reduce a ir pollution may provide a fforda ble a nd effective first steps. Resea rch has already shown tha t the efficiency of traditional wood fuel stoves used by the majority of people ca n be improved, however the introduction of improved stoves has not yet received wide accepta nce. Ba rriers to adoption include poor performa nce a nd complica ted set-up a nd ma intena nce. And according to Raj, "A lot of people still think the modern stove will have less hea t a nd food is less flavourful." e MoR pilot project is taking place in the villages of Shikha r Ambote a nd Kushadevi, loca ted in the hilly Kavrepla nchok District of central Nepal. ese villages were chosen beca use they a re nea r to where MoR's ground tea m, Suresh Sapkota a nd Arun Boha ra, grew up in Nepal a nd still live with their fa milies. Suresh a nd Arun a re a ble to work directly with com- munity members a nd fa milies to ensure the project will meet their needs. is pilot project will initially focus on helping a bout 100 fa milies. Engineers on the tea m a re currently evalua ting options for modifying current traditional stoves a nd develop- ing improved cook stove designs. e pa ndemic has limited access to communities, but MoR's goal is to provide stoves to fa milies by spring 2021, a nd then, with guida nce from Suresh a nd Arun, to assess next steps. How you can help Access to clea n cooking methods is a global issue tha t is solv- a ble but needs immedia te a ttention. In addition, COVID-19 has severely impacted rural Nepalese villages (over 106,000 cases by mid-October) a nd made providing relief a nd assis- ta nce very difficult. Mounta ins of Relief has also set up a n emergency response progra m to help feed struggling fa milies in pa rtnership with Red Ha t (based in Va ncouver) a nd the Ba nepa Boys Club (based in Nepal). . ~ACC Learn how you can make a difference by support‑ ing Mountains of Relief at: https://www.mountainsof Traditional Nepalese cookstove, or chulo. Photo supplied by Freya Hik.

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