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38 The Alpine Club of Canada | Gazette | Spring 2021 Back Page Wheeler Hut – A nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to stay there* A Pestadvisor review by Marty Pinemarten Pestadvisor rating Honestly, based on first impressions I expected a lot more. I mean—the location—how can a wonderful hut like this in such a stunning mountain setting disappoint so thoroughly? I was soon to answer my own rhetorical question. As I entered Wheeler Hut the first dishea rtening thing I noticed was a complete a nd utter lack of ga rbage! Hon- estly, wha t's a pine ma rten to ea t if not rubbish? Oh well, I thought, someone will have left a n unopened package of rye crackers "for the next guy"... but NO, the food shelf was ba re. Skunked aga in (with apologies to my skunk friends). As the disappointments mounted I explored the kitchen a rea hoping to find a dirty dish or two, but aga in struck out. Not only were the dishes washed a nd put away well out of reach, but I swore I could smell some disinfecta nt—sub-pa r a t best! Surely there would be some food pa rticles left in the dra in trap, I mused, but much to my chagrin there was nothing! Unbelieva bly, the last guest must have packed the residue out along with the rest of the ga rbage. Wha t's with people these days? I speculated I might find some chicken bones in the wood stove, but again, the hearth was barren! It appears that all the ashes were removed from the fireplace along with anything else worth my time that might have been in there. I supposed the fully restocked firewood should have tipped me off. Even the outhouse was clean! When looking for a Pinemarten family getaway in the Rockies I'd had really high hopes for Wheeler Hut. After all, the location can't be beat and in my experience, similar rustic log abodes have often provided a meal or two. However, de- spite the locale, I cannot in good conscience recommend the Wheeler Hut to any of my chums. I guess I'll just have to find another holiday spot for Mrs Pinemarten and the pups! ~ACC * In late 2020 ACC Wheeler Hut visitor John Ouellette snapped this photo of "Marty the Pine Marten" peering out the window. Marty was humanely evicted and his portal securely sealed, adding fuel for this scathing review.

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