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Board of Directors slate E very year, in accordance with Alpine Club of Canada bylaws, a nominating committee proposes a slate of candidates for Board of Directors positions. For the May 2014 to May 2016 term the committee nominates the following slate: President:  Gordon Currie Secretary:  Isabelle Daigneault VP Access and Environment: ayne Campbell W VP Mountain Culture:  Zac Robinson VP Sections: andy Walker S VP Activities*: Frank Spears Lynn toasts the good life after an excellent off-trail adventure in the Landslide Lake/David Thompson area, Canadian Rockies. photo by May Guan Short rope by Lynn I Martel think it's rather fitting that the Alpine Club of Canada should recreate and unveil its new logo this year, the centennial of the first ascent of Mount Robson and of the formation of Mount Robson Provincial Park. And by now I'm sure readers have noticed the new Gazette cover too! When the ACC organised the 1913 Mount Robson camp, every detail was well thought-out in an effort to make a definitive statement about who and what the ACC was. Just as people do as individuals, organizations grow and evolve and reaffirm their core identity. In 1913, seven years after the Club's creation, the ACC asserted itself as THE nation's climbing club by assembling a team, led by the incomparable guide, Conrad Kain, to leave the ACC stamp on the summit of the Rockies' highest peak, 4  Alpine Club of Canada Gazette Winter 2013 According to the Club's bylaws, additional nominations may be submitted by a member provided the nominations: ●● are accompanied by the names and signatures of at least 50 supporting mem‑ bers in good standing, and ●● reach the Club's National Office no later than December 15, 2013. If one or more such nominations are received, election ballots for the position(s) involved will be included in the Spring Gazette and online. If not, the above slate will be declared elected and will assume office at the Club's 2014 Annual General Meeting. *NB: n accordance with the bylaws, the VP Activities position will be for a one I year term ending May 2015. Mount Robson. Now seven years after marking the ACC's centennial, the team of volunteer Executive Board members and National Office staff who see to the details of run‑ ning the ACC day-to-day, have responded to the very real demands of the 21st cen‑ tury, in particular social media demands that barely existed a mere decade ago. Even with a restyled logo, website and Gazette cover, the ACC remains the same club it was created to be—Canada's climbing and mountain club, en deux langues! "Preserving, practicing and promo‑ ting Canadian mountain culture and self-propelled alpine pursuits. Préserver, la pratique et la promotion de la culture de montagne canadien et activités alpines automoteurs. In this issue, you'll read about ACC members doing just that. You'll learn how Vancouver Island Section members teamed up to raise money toward educa‑ tion projects for much less fortunate girls. You'll learn about long-time members being recognised for their generous vol‑ unteer contributions not just to the ACC, but to the greater Canadian mountain‑ eering community. You'll discover how Club members are celebrating the allure and the valuable lessons of the mountains through art and books and an exciting museum exhibit. And you'll read how the ACC's newest section in Newfoundland and Labrador inspired the local climbing community to team up and organize a festival celebrat‑ ing and introducing the wonders of rock climbing on sea cliffs to participants of all ages and abilities. Read on!

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