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ACC reaffirms competition climbing commitment I n September, Alpine Club of Canada President Peter Muir reaffirmed the Club's 25-year commitment as Canada's national federation serving competition climbing. Since 1987, the ACC has registered and ranked climbing athletes, promoted competition calendars across the country, selected Canadian National Teams for international competition, trained officials, and served as Canada's official member organization for the sport with evolving international governing bodies. Along the way, it has hosted National Championship events every year, several Continental Championships, World Cup events and a World Championship. Canadian Team climbers are more successful every year, and include current World Combined Champion, Sean McColl. In order to better define the respective roles of governing bodies for the sport of climbing in Canada, the ACC has ended its identification with Climbing Escalade Canada, originally formed as a com‑ mission of the Club. Athletes registered with the CEC were always members of the ACC, but the need for greater clarity related to representation, decision making and existing international contracts are best addressed by placing all of the Club's Sport Climbing operations under one name the Alpine Club of Canada. — During this period of transition, the ACC wants to reaffirm that all national competition sanctioning, athlete mem‑ bership, event registration, competition calendar sanctioning, certification of officials and National Team selection is its responsibility. The ACC also affirms that these programs will continue as before under the single Alpine Club of Canada name, and that they will continue uninterrupted into the coming season. The ACC also supports, and is com‑ mitted to, the eventual recognition of Sport Climbing by such bodies as Sport Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee. It will continue to work towards Sport Climbing governance across Canada that is consistent with federal sports organization recommen‑ dations, including the encouragement of provincial climbing organizations, school and university programs, the develop‑ ment of para-climbing competition, and commitment to World Anti-Doping Association protocols. The ACC is committed to ensuring the coming year will be one of growth and progress from Canada's national climbing federation. New Honorary Members named T he Alpine Club of Canada Awards Committee has named these dedicated individuals as Honorary Members in recognition of their significant contri‑ butions to Canadian mountaineering. Their Honorary Memberships were presented at the Mountain Guides Ball on October 19. Lloyd Gallagher: Lloyd "Kiwi" Gallagher contributed to Canada's mountain com‑ munity through exemplary careers guiding for Canadian Mountain Holidays and establishing Alberta Provincial Parks' elite Kananaskis Country public safety ser‑ vice. Respected for his role as Deputy Leader on Canada's 1982 Everest expedition, Gallagher generously volunteers for many, including the ACC, Whyte Museum, and the Mountain Haven women's shelter outdoor program. Pat Morrow: e second Canadian to climb Everest (1982), Pat Morrow was the first Th person to complete the Seven Summits in 1986. His award winning photography, filmmaking and writing highlight the uniqueness of mountains cultures worldwide. Volunteering with the Conrad Kain Centennial Society, Wildsight and the ACC, he continues to make significant contributions. Cyril Shokoples: n ACC member for nearly 40 years, ACMG Mountain Guide Cyril A Shokoples has guided, taught and mentored numerous aspiring mountaineers, helping to shape the ACC's culture of safety. He's developed rock and ice climbing areas, is a former ACMG President and currently co-chairs the ACC's National Leadership Development Committee. Gazette gets new look W hat better time to update the look of the Gazette's cover than in coordination with the modernised logo? After going through a variety of options, we chose the new layout for its uncluttered look and ability to showcase the new logo and include the Club's name in both official languages. Read their full bios at h i m a c h a l p r a d e s h, m o u n t a i n s , i n d i a m a r c h 1 3 , 2 0 1 3 # s t e e p s e r i e s INNOVATION FOR FIRSTS NeVeR STOp explORINg ™ SUMMIT SeRIeS FUelS pROgReSS IN THe UNKNOWN TM S ee THe ZeP Hyr u S P r O WI TH Ne W ZL OFT™ I NS u L aTI ON aT. THe NOrTH FaCe.C Om / STe e PSe rIeS PHOTO : Chris Figenshau AB0917132_TNF_ACC_1/4_PAGE_SUMMIT_NOV_2013.indd 1 Club alpin du Canada hiver 2013  Gazette9/30/13 4:18 PM5

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