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ACCers mark the King's birthday by Lynn F Martel or nine days in August, the Alpine Club of Canada hosted a special camp in Mount Robson Provincial Park. The gathering celebrated the cen‑ tennial of the formation of the Park on March 1, 1913, only BC's second provincial park. Attendees represented the ACC's Board, complete with a Board meeting held on site, five provinces and six of the Club's regional sections, as well as the New Zealand Alpine Club, Mount Robson Park and Parks Canada. The camp, ably managed by veteran outfitter, Brad Harrison and cook Julie Perkins assisted by Nadia, also celebrated the centennial of legendary Austrianborn mountain guide Conrad Kain's first ascent of the Rockies' highest peak with A. H. MacCarthy and W. W. Foster on July 31, 1913 at the ACC's General Mountaineering Camp. The celebrations included a live performance at the Berg Lake campers' shelter by Parks Canada's Mountain WHIT theatre's biographical Conrad Kain play. As well, speaker pres‑ entations ran through the summer, with featured guests including Barry Blanchard, Bob Sandford, Jane Lytton Gooch and Chic Scott. The latter half of the camp was organ‑ ized by the Conrad Kain Centennial Society, led by chair Pat Morrow. The camp included two graduates of the CKCS's annual Bugaboos Teens Camp. Inclement weather kept the two Columbia Valley climbers, Graham Kinley, 20, and Curtis Hall, 18, and ACMG Alpine Guide/Apprentice Ski Guide Max Darrah from climbing Robson and also thwarted their attempt on Mount Resplendent not far below the summit. However, on August 22 ACC Vice Presidents David Foster and Wayne Campbell did succeed in climbing Resplendent. And, spreading icing on the cake, on August 23 five Centennial Camp climbers stood on the King of the Rockies' sum‑ mit. The exuberant team included ACC Executive Director Lawrence White, Prince George Section Chair Frank Spears, BC Parks Ranger Jesse Milner, New Zealand AC representative Andy Thompson and ACMG Mountain Guide Matt Mueller. To see more photos, visit the ACC's Facebook page. Many thanks to Mount Robson Jesse Milner walks the ridgeline towards Robson's Kain Face. hoto by Andy Thompson p The 1913-1924 Boundary Survey marker credits A.O. Wheeler as BC Commissioner. photo by Cam Johnson Provincial Park Interpreter Cam Johnson, ACC member Paul Geddes and the Robson camp's favourite Kiwi, Andy Thompson, for sharing their impressions of the festivities. Frank Spears (left) and Lawrence White proudly display the ACC flag on Robson's summit. photo by Matt Mueller

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