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including five years as Canadian Youth Champion, and five World Youth titles. Now 28, the Vancouver native has podiumed 23 times as a World Cup com‑ petitor, and is a three‑time overall World Champion. In addition to his position as athlete representative on IFSC Board of Directors, McColl continues to inspire young Canadian climbers. "Canada is a strong competitor internationally," Foster said. "e real growth in competition climbing is occurring at the provincial level where more and more young people are entering local and regional com‑ petitions with an eye on making it to the national level. Most of the provincial sports organizations that make up the CEC's membership are seeing rapid and ongoing growth in the number of young competitors. In turn, this reflects the growth being seen in indoor climbing generally, which is estimated between 10 and 15 per cent a year in recent years." Like any volunteer‑run organization the CEC is not without its challenges, as it does not yet earn any government funding. e sport is growing dynamic‑ ally, however, with new climbing gyms being built all over the country, and with dynamic provincial federations running competition series throughout the country. "e most significant challenges are organizational – getting volun‑ teers engaged in helping to run their national federation, creating a financially sustainable structure and keeping up with the growth in the sport," Foster said. "And CEC does remain very grateful for the ongoing administrative support provided by e Alpine Club of Canada as it grows into its role as competitive climbing's national federation." With the International Olympic Committee Sport Department sched‑ uled to present climbing to the IOC Board in early June, hopes are high that competition climbing will be formally recommended for inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 Games at the 129th IOC Session, scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro prior to the XXXI Olympic Games run‑ ning in August. Reprinted with permission from the Rocky Mountain Outlook. Organization for competition climbing in Canada back in 2012, CEC was desig‑ nated the official IFSC Canadian member in February. A board of directors which includes administrators from each of the provin‑ cial competition climbing federations as well as e Alpine Club of Canada has worked together over the past few years to advance the sport within Canada. Among other things, provincial and national competition series were created, a new bilingual website was launched and several world‑class events were hosted. In addition, CEC has worked to implement important new governance changes in order to be able to better serve Canadian competition climbers and to be in accord‑ ance with the model and requirements of Sport Canada. With competition climbing expected to be an "additional" sport at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, all this is exciting news for the competition climb‑ ing community. "Recognition of the CEC as the sport's governing body in Canada by the Canadian Olympic Committee establishes a direct working relationship between the two organizations which will benefit athletes should the sport gain Olympic status," said David Foster, e Alpine Club of Canada's represent‑ ative on the CEC Board. "e COC has tremendous capacity to assist in areas like athlete development programs and the broader organization's requirements involved in mounting a Canadian team for the Olympic Games. Aside from providing additional recognition to their sport, it establishes connections that should allow broader support in the run‑up to the 2020 Games in areas like athlete development." Competition climbing has been growing steadily in recent years, with some 400 new athletes annually gaining their licenses to compete at national CEC‑sanctioned events and to represent Canada internationally. e sport is organized at the provincial and national levels and Canadian athletes are strong on the competitive circuit. Canadian Sean McColl has main‑ tained top rankings on the World Cup circuit for most of his 18 years competing, Competition climbing one hold closer to Olympics by lynn Martel I t's official. Canada's competitive climbers are another step closer to the Olympics. Climbing Escalade Canada (CEC), the nation's official member of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), is now recognized by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC). After having been officially incorporated as the National Sport Three-time overall World Champion Sean McColl inspires young Canadians to prepare for competition climbing's inclusion in the Olympic Games. photo: Miguel Jette,

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